“The conservative values of this community make this one of the greatest places in Georgia to live, work and raise a family. For most of my life, my family has worked in the trenches to build and keep a Republican majority. With liberals from around the country trying to fund a Democratic takeover of Georgia, I can’t stand on the sidelines as they seek to impose failed socialist policies on our state. I’m running because I care about the future of Georgia, our community and my family.” —Marcy



Marcy Sakrison is a full-time mom and teacher, and a volunteer at Southside Church and in the Newnan community. Before motherhood, she worked in the White House of President George W. Bush, for Senate Research at the Georgia Capitol and at Delta Air Lines. Marcy and her husband have three children: Carden, William and Wyatt. In the State House, Sakrison will defend our state’s pro-life policies and strong Second Amendment rights. She’ll work for less spending, lower taxes, world-class schools and more transportation mobility. Like President Trump, Sakrison will demand serious efforts to stop the illegal immigration that burdens our state’s taxpayers. She will stand with Governor Kemp to defend our state’s well-earned reputation and continue the pro-jobs policies that keep us No. 1 for business and put more money in the pockets of families.

Marcy's Priorities

Illegal Immigration

A nation that doesn’t enforce its borders ceases to be a nation. Marcy will work to make sure local governments cooperate with federal authorities to deport criminal illegal aliens and she will oppose any efforts to create “sanctuary cities.” In the House, Marcy will stand with President Trump to secure our borders, as she knows that illegal immigration is an issue of national security and criminal gangs pose an imminent threat to local public safety. Marcy always will stand up for the rule of law and ensure that America puts American workers first.

Public Safety

Marcy is a strong supporter of local law enforcement and she will work to make sure brave public servants receive the respect they deserve. She supports strengthening the penalties for attacks on police officers, and she will stand up to Antifa and liberal extremist protestors who believe they are above the law. In the House, Marcy will stand with local law enforcement and support pay raises for the courageous men and women who protect our communities.

Pro Life

A mother of three, Marcy strongly supports the Heartbeat Law that protects unborn children from abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. In the House, she will back efforts to defend the law against lawsuits from liberal activists. While liberal Democrats claim that only they can represent the views of women in Georgia, Marcy will prove them wrong by promoting women’s health issues while also proudly defending anyone with a heartbeat.

Second Amendment

As a proud gun owner, Marcy knows the best way to protect your family is to let the bad guys know you’re armed and ready. Marcy is running for House to protect our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves and our loved ones. She will always stand up to liberal groups wielding misleading statistics who want to come and take away our Constitutional rights.


As an educator Marcy has seen firsthand that healthy communities provide strong educational choices for students. As a mother, Marcy believes that parents know what is best for their child’s education and government dollars for education should always follow the student. In the House, Marcy will use her experience as an educator to improve public schools and ensure that the General Assembly continues to fully fund education. Marcy praised Gov. Kemp’s push to increase teacher pay, and will always support improving classroom conditions for Georgia’s teachers. As a regular advocate for our local school board, she is passionate about improving education for the future leaders of Coweta and Fayette counties.


As our communities continue to grow and prosper, Marcy will show up and demand that we get our fair share to build the infrastructure we need. To preserve our high quality of life, our infrastructure must be updated to reduce congestion and support future growth. In the House, Marcy will be a strong voice for improving transportation so that commuters and goods can move through the state more efficiently. Marcy believes that effective partnerships between the state and local governments are the most effective means of improving infrastructure, and she will be a consistent advocate in that partnership process.

Job Creation

Marcy’s top priority is promoting the prosperity of Coweta and Fayette counties. In the House, She will support legislation to cut taxes and strengthen Georgia’s business climate. Marcy will always stand up to socialists who want to raise taxes to fund massive government, and she will take on the unions who want to take away Georgia’s status as a right-to-work state. She supports cutting bureaucratic red tape that burdens small businesses and farmers, and she will always support initiatives to strengthen workforce development programs. As an educator, Marcy believes that the best investment we can make is ensuring every Georgia student gets a world-class education, and she will support legislation to ensure Georgia’s students are prepared to enter the 21st-century workforce.